C.R's DeeJay Service - Taking Music To Another Level
Yorkville 750p

    2 Yorkville nx750p, 750 watts, 15' speaker.
Capable of 500 People, yet we suggest anything over 200 , we'll supply additional speakers (add on) to make sure everything is heard at a respectable volume.

Yorkville 801pb1 Yorkville 801pb, 1500 watts, 18' speaker
Although the 750's may have all the bass you want, adding the 801 to your event will bring out the
richness of every song.
Capable of Anything,   Whether you want the bottom end filled in  or you just want your event to go BOOM, the 801 has you covered

Up Lighting Picflat-par-tri7  Adj Tri Par 7 LED      
Our Premium up-light.  Ultra bright, goes any colour. Will blow up any room.

microwash-rgbw   Micro Wash RGBW      

If you want up-lighting but you don't want to go all out. 

 If you want Dance lighting
Tell us what kind you want: Flashing lights on the floor, ceiling, the whole room covered. Also if you go with our up-light packages, the up-lights can act as both Romantic and Dance. We have complete control of our Up-lights that can be setup around the room(up against the walls). We can turn them any colour and have them blink slow all the way up to Strobe.  Ask about our FREE up-light demonstration.

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